My third story! – First wedding night with an Escort

The first wedding night

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Their wedding festivities lasted until late at night. Toasts, congratulations alternated, cheerful and half-drunk guests approached them and shook hands for the umpteenth time and wished them a long and happy married life.
Marko drank a little more himself, and the alcohol only increased the excitement in him even more..He was excited by the very thought of the upcoming night..The first wedding..Believe it or not, it will be his first night with Ana. She wanted so much. And he, mad with love for her, although he overcame it with great difficulty, decided to grant her wish.
Now, at the thought of finally having it all over, some strange tingles ran through his body.
Ana was quite tired. The day left behind, the wedding ceremony, all of which at the same time made her happy and excited, but also a little tired. On the other hand, tonight she will finally hand over her body to Marko. She has already given her heart to him. .She felt both excitement and fear at the same time ..
Marko gently took her hand and whispered in her ear “Honey, let’s go” .. She shivered..She accepted his hand and let him lead her..Her knees were kneeling.
He brought it to the car, and opened the door. They were silent on the way home. There was already a tense and boiling atmosphere in the air.
He led her into the room..Ana stood for a moment as if petrified in the middle of the room..The light was off, and the moon smiled at them through the window.
He approached her from behind and with light movements removed all those strong snails from her hair..Long black hair scattered over her shoulders..He ran his fingertips over her neck, and lightly quite lightly began to unbutton her dress.She shivered.The dress she slid slowly to the floor.
Firm, sagging breasts could be seen under the bra..He pressed his finger over her soft, full lips and then he pressed his lips to hers..He kissed slowly, gently, juicy.He bit her lower lip with his teeth ..
He unbuttoned his bra slowly and lightly touched his swollen nipples with the tip of his tongue. She sighed and pulled him harder. He took her hand and led him to the bed. She was lying down, breathing rapidly and waiting for his next step.
He went down to her stomach..He kissed part of her body, from her breasts to her thighs..He slowly tightened her panties with his teeth..She felt some strange warmth spreading in her womb.She shivered..He slowly spread her legs and his tongue crossed the inside of her thighs.she moaned, his warm tongue crossing over her clit..And she, holding him by the hair pushed his head into her crotch.
She was so wet..Ready to receive him.
With trembling fingers she unbuttoned his pants, and under his arm she felt his great stiffened manhood. In an instant she was frightened. She was afraid of the pain when he penetrated her. a huge desire to feel it in him as soon as possible.
She whispered in his ear “Take me please”
He seemed to barely wait..He knew he had to be gentle, that it was her first time, and he was burning with desire
He climbed on top of her, spread her legs and slowly penetrated. She was so wet..and hot..And tight..He could cum right away from the abnormal excitement he felt at that moment
She moaned and squirmed beneath him. For only a fraction of a moment she felt pain as he penetrated her, but desire overcame the pain and she slowly caught his rhythm. Now she already felt him whole. She squirmed beneath him, moaning. , holding him by the hips and pulling him tighter and tighter to himself..He nibbled on her nipples, ran his tongue over them, and they were so firm and swollen..She lifted her legs a little and hugged him around the waist, thus letting him dive as deep as possible into her. Their rhythm was harmonized and faster and faster. She felt that she was close to something she had only listened to from the stories so far..Her body was burning .. ” Uhh, I can’t take it anymore ‘he whispered in her ear approaching the climax ..And she was close..She’s done, she felt the whole womb convulse, her body was shaking like in a fever..They came together with screams, sighs, sobs
She felt his warm cum inside her
Their slow breathing returned to normal..The body relaxed and he remained lying on it..He didn’t want to take it out of her still warm crotch for a while longer
They finally separated..A smile was shining on their faces..They were happy..Finally completely happy..To hand over to each other
It was their first wedding night

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